About Us

If you didn’t know, now you will… for the last decade YUMA has been the voice of the Young, Upwardly Mobile Adult masquerader. Known for its consistently phenomenal, fresh, barrier breaking designs, the entity has grown from just a Trinidad & Tobago brand to a T&T brand with a global reach.

Our love of carnival has evolved from providing a full scale, all-inclusive roadshow to; multi-band production, carnival logistic consultation and full scale raw-material procurement. Bringing the greatest street party to all YUMANS, globally.

Our alignment with local and international entities spreads the YUMA vibe across the map, with positive energy and love. A vibrant and diverse team leads the charge throughout launch, registration, distribution and on the road. Our goal is to champion the culture by not only doing it well, but making our masqueraders feel the vibe. As we continue to roll out, we will always be inspired by our former leader, mentor and friend, Stefan Monteil. May he always rest in power, waving the YUMA flag in the heavens.

Our band offers but is not limited to:

Carnival Monday and Tuesday Lunch option of Chicken, Fish, Pork, Shrimp, Vegetarian and Vegan

Breakfast on Carnival Tuesday

Premium Bar

Snack Truck


YUMA Goodie Bag

Sponsored Products

Lunch and Rest Stop

Washroom Facilities

Ambulance and Emergency Services


76 Tragarete Road, Port of Spain



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