Frequently Asked Questions

We want to ensure that you have a smooth registration process. Here are the answers to the most asked questions we get from new registrants. If there is a question you have that is not listed here, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email

What are some of the amenities included with the costume package?

As a masquerader, we take pride in providing you service year-round. We do not close our offices post carnival as we gear up to launch the following year. Your costume package includes administration, road security, complimentary lunch on Carnival Monday and breakfast and lunch Carnival Tuesday a customized male/female goodie bag with tokens from some of our sponsors, drinks inclusive atmosphere, local, regional and international DJ’s.

What’s the difference in the backpacks per section?

Ultimately, our backpacks are determined by size and feathers. They can come as midline, hardline or hardline+ or small, medium, large. Be sure to check your section before deciding on which feathered backpack you want to purchase.

Can I pre-register?

Of course! Pre-registering allows you, the YUMAN masquerader, to reserve your costume package for our upcoming Carnival before our official launch. Once our registration goes live, we urge you to select your costume by the stipulated date highlighted when you pre-register in order to not forfeit the pre-registration amount. Your pre-registration fee will be applied to the overall deposit amount upon checkout.

Is the YUMA mas camp open for registration?

Registration is opened to all via our website once our costume collection is officially launched. You can also visit us in person at The Vibe Centre, 76 Tragarete Road, Port of Spain between 10am-5pm, Mondays - Fridays. We aim to open 2 Saturdays in each month at a time to be determined.

Is there a registration deadline?

Yes, registration for most sections will be closed as soon as our production process commences or once we have reached the quota of each section.

What is your contact information?

Please email us at Please note your email will be answered within a 48-hour period depending on the influx of emails. We can also be contacted via our phone line at +1-868-235-YUMA Monday – Friday between 10am-5pm.

Will YUMA partake in a last lap/after party?

We want all of our masqueraders to have a great time! However, this decision is determined by the band’s location and flow.

What time do we start on Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday?

Our assembly point is announced closer to Carnival as we are guided by the parade route determined by the National Carnival Commission and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. Our Carnival Monday assembly time is 10am, and on Carnival Tuesday we assemble at the same location at 7 am.

Where do we break for lunch?

Our lunch stop is at CIC Grounds, Serpentine Road, St. Clair (near Mandela Park) on both Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday. Please note, only YUMA masqueraders will be allowed entry to the lunch spot. No exceptions.

Will YUMA be crossing the savannah stage??

It is our intention to cross both the savannah stage and the Socadrome, but this decision is dependent on the confirmed route as set by the National Carnival Commission, and we will be guided accordingly. Please keep checking our social media platforms for more updates on route information closer to February.

Will YUMA offer check service for backpacks?

Unfortunately, we will not be offering check services for backpacks.

Where will costume distribution take place?

The location of our distribution center will be announced in the first week of February. Please look out for updates via our social media platforms, website and/or via email. Kindly note we do not make alterations on costumes at our distribution center.

What is the route on the road for Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday?

Unfortunately the parade route is determined by the National Carnival Commission. We will announce the approved route via our social media platforms and via an email blast to all our masqueraders prior to Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday.ately, we will not be offering check services for backpacks.

What is the difference between midline and hardline body options?

The hardline option is a frontline costume that maybe considered a bit skimpy, whilst midline is considered a backline costume. Our midline 1 is usually a 2-piece option and midline 2 is a full coverage option (e.g. high waist or monokini) once the design encompasses such. Not all designs will have multiple options..

Can I register additional persons who has not played with YUMA previously?

Yes, you can! Everyone is welcomed at YUMA!

What payment methods are accepted for registration?

We accept cash and debit at our mas camp. We do not accept credit card transactions or bank transfers. Online registration is available via our website

Would I be able to make additional payments on my costume package after my deposit?

Yes! Additional payments can be made online or by visiting the mas camp at The Vibe Centre, 76 Tragarete Road, Port of Spain Monday – Friday between 10am-5pm.

Would I be able to get a refund on my costume deposit?

Unfortunately, no. Our costumes are specifically customized based on the registration details submitted. As a result, we are unable to process refunds on deposits.

Will YUMA compete for Band of the Year or cross the Savannah stage?

The movement and vibes of our Yumans are of utmost importance to us, and whilst there is always intent to cross all the stages, this will be determined by the flow of persons on both Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday.

Would I be able to purchase extra add-ons?

Yes, upgrades to headpieces, collars, backpacks etc. are indicated as add- ons/upgrades when you register. Add-ons are specific to the selected costumes and require full payment along with your deposit upon registration. You will also be able to submit your own bra at an added cost of $50US. Please ensure it is clean, plain, smooth, padded, and free of lace in the colors of nude, tan, white or black. Own bras MUST be submitted by September 15th 2024 to our camp. Duties or added fees will be added to your account once incurred by the band.

What happens if I enter inaccurate information or would like to amend the information on the registration form?

We encourage you to be as accurate as you can as changes cannot be accommodated. After registration, it is not possible to make size/section changes or amendments. Please double check all information before you register or reach out to us before registration if you are unsure about sizing and sections.

Could I ask someone to collect a costume on my behalf?

Absolutely! Please ensure your representative has a signed authorization letter, your YUMA receipt and a copy of your ID. We will also request a valid form of ID from your authorized representative. Additionally, you can authorize someone to collect on your behalf on our website when you are logged in to your account in the authorized collector section.

I missed my section’s distribution date, what can I do?

You will be able to collect your costume after your designated date. Please note your wait time may be longer as the sections scheduled on that date will be given priority. Distribution will only be between the designated times given within the schedule when released.

What is the section line up the band on Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday 2024?

The section line up will be announced prior to Carnival Monday. Please check our social media platforms and email for updates.

How will masqueraders receive information following band registration?

We will contact you directly via email. However, you are encouraged to stay updated via our social media platforms. You can also email your queries to Please note your email will be answered within a 48-hour period based on the influx of emails received.

I am no longer playing mas, can the band re-sell my costume?

YUMA is not responsible for the resale of costumes. All third-party transactions are done at the discretion and liability of the masquerader.

Is there a student discount? If so, how do I qualify for it?

Only selected costumes will be discounted for local tertiary level students. Students must walk with a valid ID from an accredited Tertiary Learning Institute or school (e.g., COSTAATT, SBCS, UWI, UTT etc.).

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, there is. Please email to find out more about this option.

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